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Last night’s dinner at the inn!


Helicopter flying too low?

Looks like an accident during an international competition on the Shimanami Kaido might have been caused by a news helicopter flying too low. Here is a link to a news report on the same:
サイクリング大会で「転倒事故」 ヘリ低すぎで? http://5.tvasahi.jp/000037573?a=news&b=nss

NHK TV Program Aimed at Cyclists


A cycling-themed program appeared in September 2013 on the Japanese public TV station NHK-BS1.  Based on a special shown in May 2013, the title of the show is チャリダー★ (Charidaa), or “cycling enthusiast”.  The term charidaa is created from two words: ちゃりんこ (charinko, a casual term for a bicycle) and ライダー (raidaa, from the English “rider”).  Unfortunately, I do not have access to Japanese cable TV so I have not had a chance to watch, but I’d be curious to hear from people who have.  In particular, I’m wondering if/how woman riders are portrayed.  The images on the home page for the program are all of men, with the exception of the actress and model Takehashi Maryjun, who is listed appearing as the 新米アシスタント (shinmai ashisutanto), or “greenhorn assistant”. There are a few short videos posted on the site, after watching which makes me think it could be another in that genre of themed travelogues on Japanese TV that I remember enjoying so much.

Anyone out there who has seen the show and can give us a review?