Tartaruga Folding Bikes


Photo from the Tartaruga website.

Tartaruga is Italian for “turtle”.  I first learned of this brand from a post on the blog Folding Biker Japan.  Tartaruga’s originator, Yoshimatsu Naotaka (吉松尚孝), designed “amusement machines” (for game arcades) at Namco (ナムコ) before breaking out on his own to design bicycles.  The model seen here is the “Type Sport”, but the company also makes a semi-recumbant “Type Folding” model as well.

If you are in Japan and interested in checking out some Tartaruga bikes in person, try Green Cycle Station in Yokohama or Cycle House Shibuya in Tokyo.  Those in the USA can try bfold in New York City.  If you know of other places to see these bikes, please comment below!  For more general information, check out the Tartaruga Website and this video demonstrating the folding of the sport model:

Want to see some more mini velos online?  Try this site:

絶対に後悔しないミニベロ – “Mini velos you will absolutely never regret (buying)”.  This is the title for a まとめ (matome, a summary or roundup) written by yrtkhysさん on the Japanese site Naver Matome , a “curation site” described in English by Yukari Mitsuhashi here. Even if you don’t read Japanese, scroll down the page to see images and brand titles.

On a side note, “naver” came into Japanese from Korean.  It is the name of a popular Korean language search site, and is a portmanteau word combining “navigate” and the suffix “-or”, as in “sailor”.


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