Cycling Events in Japan, April 2014

Traveling in Japan this spring?  Interested in getting some exercise and making connections with other cyclists? If so, here are three options for April 2014:

グラン・ツール・せとうち2014 (Guran Tsuuru Setouchi, Grand Tour Setouchi):  April 19, 20 (register by March 31)

  • Starts in 尾道市向島運動公園 (Onomichi-shi Mukaishima Undō Kōen, Onomichi City Mukaishima Exercise Park) and runs along the しまなみ海道 (Shimanami Kaidō, Shimanami Sea Path) and nearby roads
  • Saturday or Sunday short course (70km): ¥4000 (about USD $39)
  • Saturday long course (120km): ¥5000 (about USD $49)
  • Two day short course (includes single-sex group accommodations and breakfast/dinner): ¥17,000 (60-80 people per room)/¥18,000 (8-12 people per room)  (about USD $166/176)
  • Two day long course (includes single-sex group 0accommodations and breakfast/dinner): ¥18,000/¥19,000 (about USD $176/185)
  • Participant limit: 1,500 riders

Great Earth館山南房総ライド2014 (Tateyama Bōsō Raido, Tateyama Bōsō Ride): April 6 (register by March 9)

  • Starts and ends in 千葉県館山市 (Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture)
  • Long course: 90-110km
  • Short course: 40-60km
  • Entry fee: ¥9500 (about USD$93)
  • High school students and younger are half price
  • Participant limit: 500 riders

新茶を楽しむガイドサイクリング (Shincha wo tanoshimu gaidō saikuringu, “Enjoy the New Tea Crop” Guided Cycling): April 27 (register by April 17)

  • 49km ride in Shizuoka Prefecture, an area of Japan known for its tea crop
  • Starts and ends in 掛川市 (Kakegawa-shi) at 掛川市役所大東支所 (Kakegawa Shiyakusho Daitō Shisho)
  • Participant limit: 10 riders
  • Fee: ¥4000 (about USD $39)

Do you have experience with any of these rides? Are there other April rides in Japan that you would recommend? If so, please comment below!


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